If you watch (and listen) an episode of any sentai with attention, you will notice that the music is very important.

Often, the score is composed first and once. It has about 50 tunes, this explaining you get to hear often the same musics from an episode to the other.

On the episodes 1 & 2 of France Five, we used musics taken from the real sentai series produced by Toei. We took from Bioman, Liveman, Carranger, Dairanger or Gogo Five. But this poses two problems :

1- There is no unity in the score
2- It is normally not possible to use those musics without an agreement from the copyright holders

Since the beginning, we always wanted our own original score. We have used the real sentai music waiting for better.

This original score so desired, we got it for our third episode. Already known for a well known cover of the soundtrack of “Cities of Gold” released by Loga-Rythmes, Yannick (Boub) joined the team and created dozens of original tunes for France Five.

When we have the time, we want to remix entirely the first two episodes, replacing the musique by those that Yannick made.

Samples from the original France Five 3 score in mp3 :

- Friends house
- A walk
- First hints
- Lexostreum detected !
- The walk of the France Five
- Lexos IV's empire
- Jet Charlemagne