The heroes
Red Fromage : Antoine Deschaumes
Sébastien Ruchet

Leader of the group

Taking his duty very seriously, he doesn’t laugh often an dis quite patriotic. Following orders and upholding justice are his priorities. He only laughs at the end of episodes, when the danger has been dealt with.

He has a few problems with extra professional people skills and often will others have to drag him around, forcing him to have fun.

Black Beaujolais : Thierry Durand
Grégory Goldberg

Son of a rich wine maker of the Beaujolais region, he has nevertheless rejected the family heritage, preferring a rebel life on the roads of France.

Always staying in the back, he hides his feelings and often clashes with authority. Although he respects Red, he will never show him that and will always attempt alone what is only feasible as a group.

His only soft side is for Yellow.

Blue Accordéon : Albert Dumas
Daniel Andreyev

Son of an excellent musician, he is the comic relief member of the group. His goal is of course to fight the Lexos, but that doesn’t stop him of doing it with laughs.

His big flaw is his curiosity, a sign of his landlord side.

Yellow Baguette : Jean Pétri
Thomas Blumberg

Talented baker apprentice and endless playboy, he is the youngest member of the group.This position will lead him often to do way too much to prove to the others he can do his share.

Slightly irresponsible, he doesn’t hesitate to show his powers to the girls to ensure romantic conquests.

Pink à la Mode : Catherine Martin
Wendy Roeltgen / Nolwenn Daste

Recognized top-model and skilled in haute-couture, she is accustomed to the jet set parties and also a cleaning maniac (to the dismay of our heroes).

A natural happy girl, she is with Blue the good natured member of the group. Playing hard to get, she is in reality very interested in Silver.

Silver Mousquetaire :Aramis Leclair
Grégoire Hellot

A mysterious character… Friend or foe ?

Prodesseur Aristide Brugonde
Tibor Clerdouet

Knowledgeable ethnologist, recognized veterinary and possessor of a robotology diploma, he is the chief of France Five that he conceived in agreement with the French ministry of defense in the greatest secret. He is a touching character and slightly off base.

Both mentor and grandfather, he doesn’t know how to say no to his “children” and often launches into inspired speeches. He often finishes with mixed sayings.

Emilie Thore / Clémence Perrot

All purpose robot of the professor, this character is very naive concerning the human nature. She is the hinge character between the France Five and the professor. She often gets the professor back to earth when he loses notions of reality.

The evils
Glou Man Chou
David Guélou

The emperor of the Lexos planet. Cruel being, he represents villainy in its most manichean form. After having destroyed entire planets, he has decided to make earth his next target. But this is without considering the waves emitted by the Eiffel tower, which stops the totality of his troops of invading. Now, the only thing on his mind is the destruction of France and its capital city.

Nadège Bessaguet / Au ré lie Mau rice

Lieutenant of the Lexos army, she is a cruel and beautiful woman. She takes an evil pleasure in the suffering of her victims. Her main weapon is of course her sexy body that traps men.

Jean-Marc Imbert

Lieutenant of the Lexos army, he is a bloodlusting warrior that only takes leisure in battles. He has a colossal strength and no mercy for his enemies.

Olivier Fallaix

Glou Man Chou’s chamberlain, he is a coward whose only function is to flatter his emperor and gigantify the monsters when they are slain. He never hesitates to blame Extasy and Warduke, hiding behind his master to avoid reprisals.